Improving Water Infrastructure: City of St. Roberts and Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo.

"After significant flooding in late April 2017, Ft Leonard Wood (FLW) in Missouri experienced catastrophic failure of its critical water infrastructure. Over the course of 48 hours, FLW had very limited ability to produce water and the neighboring city of St. Robert was unable to provide water directly to the installation as no interconnectivity between the two entities existed.

As a result the State of Missouri, city St Robert, and FLW collaborated and secured funding respectively to interconnect the city’s water system to FLW thereby providing reciprocating back up water supplies. This unique partnership enhances readiness and training, training support and operational capabilities, and provides water resiliency for the installation. This outstanding cooperation serves as a true testament to the strength of the partnerships that exist between FLW, state government, local governments and the entire region."