Meeting the Readiness and Resilience Challenge at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, Ga.

In 2019, the Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay project received an award from the DoD Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration (REPI) program to strategically acquire easements on more than 11,000 acres along the Georgia coast while protecting the installation from coastal flooding. The protection of Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay is essential to the continued operation of Ohio Class ballistic missile and guided missile submarines. The project will leverage $8 million in DoD funds with $32 million in partner contributions to preclude the development of 10,000 homes and other commercial buildings on these marsh and tidal lands, which are integral to the absorption of storm surge. As the Navy’s sole east coast support base for ballistic missile submarines, a key component of the nuclear triad, protection of Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay is critical and will ensure operation of a key National Defense Strategy capability for the foreseeable future. This project will also contribute to the Georgia Gopher Tortoise Conservation Initiative and the Georgia Sentinel Landscape, improving fire management, restoring longleaf pine habitats, promoting coastal resilience, and mitigating maritime and airspace operational conflicts.