Your Automation Systems Are Under Attack

"The ability to “Hack” is not getting harder, it’s getting easier.  Tools like Shodan, and Metasploit make life easy for hackers and can shorten an attackers “kill chain” to minutes instead of days or weeks. In addition to more sophisticated tools, the fact remains -- hackers only need to be right once. Defenders securing our industrial networks must close off every possible vulnerability, and get everything right, every time. searched, costing the company and taxpayers thousands of dollars.  

Within the Federal Government and specifically the DoD the stakes are even higher. Not only do we need to worry about critical cooling systems being disabled or electricity being shut off disrupting vital missions; the first step to any physical or cyber-attack is reconnaissance. In this presentation the Tribal 1, Goliath, and Tetra Tech team will discuss common vulnerabilities using recent examples from a US Air Force study and talk through solutions that can identify, prevent and defeat cyber intrusions."