Installation Innovation X


The El Paso Approach: Providing Community Resourced Mental Healthcare To Military Families
The El Paso Approach.pdf
Spaceport of the Future
Timothy Alba IIF Presentation.pdf
Juvenile Justice on Base: Improving Access to Juvenile Justice on Military Installations
Chris Arnold- IIF Presentation.pdf
What Does Installation Innovation Look Like?
Jared Ashcraft- IIF Presentation.pdf
Intergovernmental Support Agreement Best Practices for Community Success
Anson Blackall - IIF Presentation.pdf
Texas: Lessons Learned from Three Services and Statewide IGSAs
Steve Bonner - IIF Presentation.pdf
Developing Utility-Based Partnerships
John Broughton - IIF Presentation.pdf
How Utilities Privatization Can Reduce Costs: Case Studies from Fort Liberty
Jeffery Brown - IIF Presentation.pdf
Solving the Military Housing Crunch
Brian Dosa - IIF Presentation.pdf
Next Steps in Electrification: How Installations Are Using Heavy Electric Vehicles
Ben Drake - IIF Presentation.pdf
Fostering Family Readiness: The Children’s Museum at Joint Base Lewis-McChord
Tonya Durand - IIF Presentation.pdf
Installation Automation: Maintenance Made Easy
Douglas Enfield- IIF Presentation.pdf
The Power of Public-Private Partnership to Optimize Underutilized Federal Property
Tom Ford - IIF Presentation.pdf
Discover, Share, Decide, Act: Geographic Information Aids Installation-Community Partnerships
Jack Haefner - IIF Presentation.pdf
The Power of Partnerships with Hon. Rachel Jacobson
Rachel Jacobson - IIF Presentation.pdf
Solving the Military Housing Crunch - Michael Kittrell
Michael Kittrell - IIF Presentation.pdf
Small Installations, Small Communities, Big Partnerships
Trevor Loew - IIF Presentation.pdf
Five & Thrive: Enhancing Military Family Quality of Life by Building Community Support
Katie Lopez - IIF Presentation.pdf
Exploring New Community Grant Opportunities
Michelle Lovejoy- IIF Presentation.pdf
After the Military Installation Resilience Review (MIRR), Lessons Learned and Implementation Funding
Rick Miller - IIF Presentation.pdf
Intergovernmental Support Agreements & Enhanced Use Leases: Diving into the Weeds
Zakary Payne - IIF Presentation.pdf
Mission Sustainment, Energy and Outreach to Communities
Mike Penland - IIF Presentation.pdf
"One Community" Approach to Address Military, Spouses and Veterans Employment in Northern VA
Carl Reid - IIF Presentation - 75th.pdf
One Military, One Community ToolKit
Carl Reid - IIF Presentation - OMOC Toolkit.pdf
Defense Community Roadmap to Leverage Grants for Enhanced Infrastructure Cybersecurity
Stacey Shepard - IIF Presentation.pdf
San Diego Partnerships to Defend Against Climate Change Encroachment: Past, Present and Future
Anna Shephard - IIF Presentation.pdf
Improving Military Child Education Opportunities: What’s Working at the Local Level?
Tina Smith - IIF Presentation.pdf
Electric Vehicles & Photovoltaic Charging Stations: Lessons from the Field
Kirk Stevens - IIF Presentation.pdf
One Military, One Community ToolKit - Peggy Tagej
Peggy Tadej- IIF Presentation- FINAL TMCA ADC Nov 7th 2023 Final.pdf
Beyond the Military Installation Resilience Review
Peggy Tadej- IIF Presentation - MIRR 2.0 and Beyond November 2023.pdf
Accelerating the Future of Army Installation Planning
Susan Wolters - IIF Presentation.pdf
Beyond the Military Installation Resilience Review
Krist Zimmerman - IIF Presentation.pdf